Exclusive Xinhua Finance interview with Deng Jun, vice president of Wancheng Wanchong: Sail with the wind of the charging industry

2022-11-11 212
Xinhua Finance, Guangzhou, November 8 (Journalist Lu Guangyi) In the past two years, ownership of new energy vehicles in China has continued to soar, driving up the demand for charging infrastructure and boosting the charging pile market. However, the charging industry, which is flourishing, is also facing problems such as poor regulation, unbalanced layout, limited supply of charging facilities for electric vehicle owners, and difficulty in making profits for enterprises. Xinhua Finance journalist recently interviewed Deng Jun, vice president of Guangdong Wancheng Wanchong Electric Vehicle Operation Co., Ltd., to learn his thoughts on the prospects of the charging industry, industrial layout, and strategies to overcome industry headaches....
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